Crazy Crocodile: Amazing one I played

After reading the title of the post, most of the people here may think that I have written here an interesting story of a crocodile which probably eaten or attacked a group of people including me. But you are not completely right. Although it is interesting story of mine, but fortunately the crocodile gave me plenty of rewards, instead of engulfing me.

Actually I am talking about the Crazy Crocodile, which is a popular and exciting slot game. It is based on the microgaming platform, but if you are expecting the hitech music and the graphics you may get disappointment here. But for those who wants the actual taste of the gambling with the money and the thrill in both hands, this is the perfect solution. I tried it on my recent visit to Canberra. It was an official trip where we stayed for few days.

And there this pokie turned out a good mode of enjoyment. At night we all decided to have a trial of it, and the starter was me, as I always stood first in such cases. I went on exploring my laptop when I found this and with the name I got so much impressed that I finally went with it without further delay. I came to know after some reading that it offers 9 payouts with 3 reels and a single payline. I moved on with confidence and so won the very first bet. It was an overwhelming feel that I rarely felt before.

With the basic rules and facts being used while playing this game, it is a simple one for a newbie to start from and to win exciting prizes. And I can assure that like me, any enthusiastic can grow easily to reach the jackpot soon. So get up guys for this amazing world.